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This is a simple example

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What this theme can do

This is a simple theme.


 Parallax theme for WonderCMS


This is my attempt of making a WonderCMS theme. I have never tried making a theme myself, so I am pretty happy with this result.  Here are a few tips on how to use this theme.


Use small blurred header images

Take a look at the header image I used on the example page, it is way to small for the screen. But because it is already blurred, the blurry scaling doesn't show that much. 

Page background images

Upload a picture to the files section. Now you can select one in the drop down menu under the current page settings.

Edit the header and subtitle

You can edit the header and subtitle just by clicking on them. This works the best with the summernote-floating plugin. You can edit some more things in an extra tab in settings.


Google Pagespeed

This page has a 97/100 mobile score and a 100/100 desktop score. Take a look:

All features

Take a look at more of the settings over at the settings page.




Do what you want with this theme. If you make improvements, please send me an email so I can improve this theme:


Nice footer block.

Y'know, for social icons and stuff. 

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